Dr. Smith welcomes graduate students, medical students, and undergrads interested in learning and applying a variety of quantitative and chemical approaches to the study of protein post-translational modifications. Potential postdoctoral research fellows are also encouraged to apply.


The Smith lab uses an interdisciplinary approach that combines protein biochemistry, enzymology, organic and peptide synthesis, high-throughput screening, structural biology, cell biology, proteomics, metabolomics, and other techniques to understand the control of protein function through post-translational modification and exploit these new insights in the design of novel chemical probes or drug lead compounds.

Smith Lab News


6/2016 - Master's student Karael Campbell joins the Smith lab through the DSHREP program.


5/2016 - Undergraduate Brad Julga presented his poster at Celebrate Carroll detailing his research in the Smith Lab.


2/2016 - Undergraduate researcher Brad Julga was accepted into MCW for medical school to start in the fall of 2017!


12/2016 - Manuscript from Smith Lab members K. Kalous, S. Wynia-Smith, M. Olp, and B. Smith published in Journal of Biological Chemistry: Mechanism of Sirt1 NAD+-dependent Protein Deacetylase Inhibition by Cysteine S-Nitrosation.


10/2016 - Review article from Smith Lab members S. Wynia-Smith and B. Smith published in Nitric Oxide: Nitrosothiol Formation and S-Nitrosation Signaling through Nitric Oxide Synthases.


10/2016 - Postdoc D. Sprague joins the Smith Lab.


9/2016 - Medical student T. Hirsch and graduate student M. Olp win poster awards for their research in the Smith lab.


6/2016 - Manuscript published in Cell Chemical Biology, in collaboration with laboratories of E. Weerapana and M. Marletta: Chemoproteomic Strategy to Quantitatively Monitor Transnitrosation Uncovers Functionally Relevant S-Nitrosation Sites on Cathepsin D and HADH2.


6/2016 - Master's student N. Walls joins the Smith Lab for summer research through the DSHREP program.


5/2016 - Undergraduate B. Julga (SPUR program) and medical student T. Hirsch (pathways program) continue their research in the Smith Lab for the summer.


5/2016 - IDP student C. Goetz joins the Smith Lab for his Ph.D. thesis research.


4/2016 - V. Wartenweiler presents his research at the Carroll University Academic Showcase poster session


1/2016 - IDP student C. Goetz joins the Smith Lab for his third rotation.


1/2016 - Undergraduate PURE program students B. Julga and V. Wartenweiler join the Smith Lab.


11/2015 - In collaboration with Dr. Rodney Willoughby and others, Dr. Smith awarded a grant through the Advancing a Healthier Wisconsin initiative.


9/2015 - Medical Student T. Hirsch joins the Smith Lab for the Pathways program


9/2015 - IDP student T. Lundquist joins the Smith Lab for his first rotation.


7/2015 - MSTP student Caci Dishman joins the Smith Lab for her second rotation.


7/2015 - Dr. Smith awarded an MCW Research Affairs Committee grant.


6/2015 - Dr. Smith awarded an American Cancer Society pilot grant from the MCW Cancer Center.


5/2015 - Dr. Smith awarded the Scientist Development Grant from the American Heart Association.


5/2015 - Graduate students M. Olp and K. Kalous join the Smith Lab for their PhD studies.


3/2015 - IDP Student K. Kalous joins the Smith Lab for her fourth rotation.


1/2015 - IDP student A. Brandt joins the Smith Lab for his third rotation.


1/2015 - Manuscript published, “Truncating Mutation in the Nitric Oxide Synthase 1 Gene Is Associated with Infantile Achalasia”. Gastroenterology. 2015, 148, 533-536.


6/2014 - Smith Lab Established at MCW

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