To manage electronic sign ups for shared instrumentation, the Biochemistry Department uses a system of Outlook Calendars via the MCW mail client. There is a separate calendar for each piece of shared equipment: 7 biochemistry incubators (4 in Biochemistry, 3 in TBRC, the ITC, 2 Flex Stations, and the CD).

Follow the relevant links below to successfully book time on Biochemistry shared equipment:

Using Desktop Outlook App


Using Web-based Outlook Interface


Configuring your iCal / Apple Calendar

Important notes about this system:


1. Always be aware of which calendar you have selected while viewing or reserving an instrument. You must make the reservation using the instrument's calendar, NOT your personal calendar.


2. You may book a piece of equipment up to 6 months in advance and for a maximum of 120 consecutive hours.


3. All users of the shared calendar can see the details of any booking. Important things to include in your booking are as follows: your name, the length of time you will need the instrument, your lab, a phone extension, and details about your experiment/shaker usage.


4. If have problems or need help with the booking system, Connie in the Biochem office or Sarah from the Smith lab in BSB 328 will help you.


5. Event reminders are enabled for this system; you can set the reminder to yourself to occur at a specified time point prior to your booking. You will not receive reminder emails for bookings other people have made on a shared calendar.

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