Kelsey Kalous

PhD Student

IDP Program



B.A. Vocal Music Performance - 2013

Concordia University Wisconsin



Kalous KS, Wynia-Smith SL, Olp MD, Smith BC. Mechanism of Sirt1 NAD+-Dependent Protein Deacetylase Inhibition by Cysteine S-Nitrosation. Journal of Biological Chemistry. 2016, 291(49), 25398-25410.


Zhou Y, Wynia-Smith SL, Couvertier, SM, Kalous KS, Marletta MA, Smith BC, Weerapana E. Chemoproteomic Strategy to Quantitatively Monitor Transnitrosation Uncovers Functionally Relevant S-Nitrosation Sites on Cathepsin D and HADH2. Cell Chemical Biology. 2016, 23(6), 727-737.


Neumann TS, Span EA, Kalous KS, Bongard R, Gastonguay A, Lepley MA, Kutty RG, Nayak J, Bohl C, Lange RG, Sarker MI, Talipov MR, Rathore R, Ramchandran R, Sem DS. “Identification of inhibitors that target dual-specificity phosphatase 5 provide new insights into the binding requirements for the two phosphate pockets.” BMC Biochem. 2015 Aug 19;16:19. PMID: 26286528


El-Mansy MF, Flister M, Lindeman S, Kalous K, Sem DS, Donaldson WA. “Generation of molecular complexity from cyclooctatetraene: Preparation of Aminobicyclo[5.1.0]octitols.” Chemistry. 2015 Jul 20;21(30):10886-95. PMID: 26096989


Nayak J, Gastonguay AJ, Talipov MR, Vakeel P, Span EA, Kalous KS, Kutty RG, Jensen DR, Pokkuluri PR, Sem DS, Rathore R, Ramchandran R. “Protein expression, characterization and activity comparisons of wilt type and mutant DUSP5 proteins.” BMC Biochem. 2014 Dec 18;15:27. PMID: 25519881

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